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 Welcome to the 2FootBoy's website. The World's First "List Engine". Don't let Big Tech track your searches. Here at the 2FootBoy you won't find any Cookies because I don't care what sites you visit. Check it here... CookieServe. You can find most of what you're looking for under the catagories that are supplied here on this site. You'll regonize a lot of the sites and some better unknown sites you may not. If you're doing research for school or just looking for a site to lose some time on, this is the place to come. The 2FootBoy is working out of Shippensburg, PA so you'll find a lot of local sites in the South Central part of the state. If you're a new student at Shippensburg University, this is a good place to start to find some answers you're looking for. If you're into Amateur Raido, you should find some interesting links on the KB3SWW page, which happens to be the 2FootBoy callsign. Each link has been checked to make sure they have the current addresses and they are safe. You may get a few Site Certificate Warnings, mostly on the Gov't sites but they are fine. Please Email me, the link is at the bottom of page, if you find a link that is questionable or if you think you have a link that would make a good addition. I hope you enjoy the new look of the 2FootBoy and Happy Searching!
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09.17 Added WMO Severe Weather to the Shippensburg page. To the Computer page I added Hackaday, The Hacker News, Discord, and ezGif. Added Pepper Cave and Federal Welfare Programs to the Handy page. Added StarDate and ScienceOrg to the Space page.
08.22 Kudos to Emma from the Bay Minette Girl Scouts in Alabama, she thought this link about Seasons-Solstices-Equinoxes would be a good adition to my Space page and I agree!
07.17 Added some Free Movie sites to the Radio/TV page. You'll find Fawesome, Filmzie, and Gem under Movies and Shows.
07.16 Stuck on programming lately. Here's a few additions...
CopyLeaks is an AI Content Detector. Find it below and Computer-Crapware.
PA State Park Interactive Map is at Shippensburg-PA Gov't.
Nuclear Weapons Education Project and Nuke Map was added to Handy-Miltary.
06.19 Removed Soap2Day from the Radio/TV page. She's dead Jim.
06.09 Added Shippensbuirg University Dining Services to the ShipU page.
06.07 Added Three Pines Tavern to the Shippensburg page. Excellent selection of Wings!!!
06.04 Added National Archives, Distances To, Civil War Archives to the Handy page.
06.03 Major update to my LogClock program!!!
05.07 Added the Boy's Weather Station to WeatherCloud. Links on the bottom of this page and the Shippensburg page under Weather-Traffic. You can changed the Settings by the little gear on the top right of the page. Removed Turpike Cams that are no longer available.
04.22 Added a Shortwave Listener's Log to the Log Clock 23 program! Also removed Parler because it was bought out. Replaced it with WebSDR.
03.25 Added Reelgood to the Radio/TV page. All your streaming services in one place.
03.24 Added Chemical Violence to the Handy page under Health. How many Cases are in a Keg? Find out that and everything else on Calculate Me that's been added to the Handy page under Information.
03.16 Added Universe Today to the Space page.
03.14 Huge update to the Shippensburg page!
Changed the KB3SWW subdomain home page to a php page. KB3SWW
02.24 Removed AOL Games due to their non-kid friendly advertising. I've been rearranging the KB3SWW page and added a couple of new links. I've been working on a program of lately called "KB3SWW Log Clock" for the Amateur Radio Operator that should be deployed in the near future!

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