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 Welcome to the 2FootBoy's website. The World's First "List Engine". Don't let Big Tech track your searches. Here at the 2FootBoy you won't find any Cookies because I don't care what sites you visit. Check it here... CookieServe. You can find most of what you're looking for under the catagories that are supplied here on this site. You'll regonize a lot of the sites and some better unknown sites you may not. If you're doing research for school or just looking for a site to lose some time on, this is the place to come. The 2FootBoy is working out of Shippensburg, PA so you'll find a lot of local sites in the South Central part of the state. If you're a new student at Shippensburg University, this is a good place to start to find some answers you're looking for. If you're into Amateur Raido, you should find some interesting links on the KB3SWW page, which happens to be the 2FootBoy callsign. Each link has been checked to make sure they have the current addresses and they are safe. You may get a few Site Certificate Warnings, mostly on the Gov't sites but they are fine. Please Email me, the link is at the bottom of page, if you find a link that is questionable or if you think you have a link that would make a good addition. I hope you enjoy the new look of the 2FootBoy and Happy Searching!
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10.03 Fixed the link to "The Plot Against The President". Made a mistake and used a youtube link and now they censored it.
09.27 Adjusted the Header
09.23 GETTR added below and on the Handy page under Potluck.
09.21 Added AB9IL the the KB3SWW page under Shortwave/SDR. Checkout the Live HF Global Comm. System
08.24 Added an excellent reasearch site called Encyclopedia Astronautical to the Space page.
08.21 Added ADS-B Exchange Aircraft Tracking here and on the Handy page.
08.07 Added "The plot against the president full documentary".
08.02 Added PublicSQ, "America's Marketplace" here and on the Handy page.
07.29 Added Intersteller Research Group/ IRG Daily Updates and Arxiv to the Space page.
07.14 Added MyFridgeFood and Pic2Map to the Handy page.
07.05 Added Radio-Browser to the Radio/TV page.

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